Fast and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning the house, everyone hates the trouble and the mess created and they would all wish there would be a way to avoid all the hassle and the hard work. Luckily, there are some ways to minimize the effort in cleaning the house and the following fast and easy tips will surely reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning your house.

Clean with lemon juice

Lemons are known for being acidic and this also works for your cleaning routine, being one of the oldest and most effective tricks. Lemon juice can help you clean your bathroom sanitary ware, the faucets, the kitchen counters, the window sills, the door knobs, and any other item that might need a quick polish.

Sanitize with vinegar

To make sure your house remains clean and perfectly sanitized, use white vinegar to get rid of every germ in your house. Use it for the objects that are very dirty like garbage bins or floors and increase its efficiency with some baking soda that will react to the vinegar and turn into a sizzling paste that can remove stubborn dirt.

Use the power of steam

For dirt that is hard to remove, nothing works better that steam that softens it and makes it go away in a single wipe. For example, your microwave oven could use a bowl of water that will turn into steam at high temperatures and that will soften all the dirt gathered inside. If you happen to have a steamer at home, you can use it to remove stains from the upholstery and to sanitize your floors.

Create an all-purpose cleaner

Instead of using a bunch of cleaning products that require acting time and a lot of scrubbing, make your own all-purpose cleaner that you can use all around the house. Mix some baking soda with water and a dash of lemon juice and use it to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the sofas, and any other item in your house.

Freshen up the air

Your home will never be clean if the air smells bad so you should use this simple trick to freshen the air as well. Baking soda can help you eliminate musty odors from the bathroom and kitchen and can even get rid of the bad shoe odor in the hallway. A bottle of alcohol with water and some essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus are better at freshening the air than any store-bought product. Lemon and orange peels can also fill your house with a pleasant smell.