Luxurious Home Pools

When money isn’t an issue for you, it’s time to spoil yourself and live in luxury. The most obvious addition that you have to make to your property for it to look stunning is a luxurious home pool. To get some great ideas on how to design and maintain such a pool, continue to read this article.

If space allows it, build a luxurious indoor swimming pool

If space isn’t an issue in your home, and you are willing to sacrifice time and money on building the ideal luxury home pool, then it’s best that you build it indoors. It’s definitely a breathtaking addition to your home that will leave all of your guests speechless. As seen in the picture above, you can add a bar next to the interior pool. This way, after a relaxing swimming session, you and your friends can enjoy a drink together. Who knows, you might even play the role of the bartender, and amaze them with your delicious cocktails.

When designing a luxurious outdoor pool, surround it with a breathtaking garden

First of all, if you go with building an exterior home pool, make it as big as space allows it. Add elements like a fountain, and build stairs to get in and out of the pool on both sides, just like it’s shown in the picture above. Other important decorative elements that you can add are statues, of course. But what you can’t skip on for sure is surrounding the pool with a stunning garden. Just like it appears in the picture, a variety of tall trees and perfectly organized shrubs will make your pool look like it’s taken out of a catalog. Therefore, don’t underestimate the visual impact of trees and shrubs when designing a luxurious home pool.

Keep your luxury pool clean at all times with the Dolphin Cayman robotic pool cleaner

Of course, a luxury pool deserves to be maintained clean and spotless for its appearance to not be ruined. Instead of doing the maintenance work yourself, or hiring someone else to clean the pool, it’s best that you let the Dolphin Cayman robotic pool cleaner handle this task. The robotic device costs $860. While the robot pool cleaner does its job of thoroughly cleaning the water and surfaces of the pool, you can lay back and relax. The 50-foot long cable that it features makes it ideal for large swimming pools. A cleaning cycle usually lasts for only 2 hours. It features the innovative SmartNav 2.0 robotic scanning technology. This enables it to find the most efficient and effective path to clean your entire pool. Also, it boasts a gorgeous design that makes it the perfect cleaning tool for your luxurious pool.