The Most Efficient Ways to Secure Your Garage

Sometimes, we forget to secure our garage which is one of the most vulnerable areas of the house. That’s why most homeowners are trying to find various solutions to solve this problem. As such, in order to help you, we will present you the most efficient ways to secure your garage.

Keep your garage safe with a security system

These days, most homeowners are choosing to install in their garage security systems which can be connected to their homes. Most of these systems are very efficient and they can be controlled from your own computer or phone app. However, when it comes to finding the right security provider, there are a lot of features which can be added to your garage security system, such as:

  • mobile access
  • professional installation indoor cameras
  • 100% Wireless
  • landline

Chamberlain 1/2 HP Chain Drive garage door opener

The Chamberlain is an efficient garage door opener which features a safe 1/2 HP AC motor. It comes with a single 100-watt lighting, which gives enough light to safely move around your garage. Additionally, you will receive a Tri-band frequency remote that provides performance and less interference. Furthermore, by using its Auto Force and Electronic Limits features, you can make your door moving only with the press of a button. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing the Chamberlain 1/2 HP Chain Drive garage door opener, you need to know that it also includes:

  • safety
  • sensors which project an invisible beam to prevent the garage door from closing on people
  • 5 piece rail system that fits high garage doors
  • easy setup including auto force control and one-touch adjustments

Besides all its innovative features, this garage door opener will provide you with several installation instructions that are easy to follow, well written and with plenty of explanatory photos. Plus, it is an affordable unit which costs around $244.00.

Danalock V2 BTZU125

The Danalock V2 is one of the most efficient smart locks available on the market. Most homeowners are opting for this type of security system due to its performance. Moreover, it is a versatile device which is using both Bluetooth and Z-Wave. When it comes to secure your garage, you should know that Danalock is using a software that has a heavy encryption. By using this software, it can protect against electronic attacks and hackers. It also has some optional accessories, such as:

  • keypad
  • key fob
  • garage door controller

By using the garage door controller, you can connect the garage door opener to the Danalock smart lock from your smartphone and open the garage when you get home.